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Hi, I'm Amy

During the past 12 years, I have had the honour of representing Ward 5 families as your Trustee. My primary commitment has always been to ensure every student's educational needs are met in a safe and inclusive environment.

Ward 5 is a diverse mix of established neighbourhoods and more recently constructed communities, older schools undergoing renovations and newer schools with modern designs and layouts, life-long residents and newcomers to Halton. And yet, regardless of where we live in Ward 5, we have one thing in common; we want the best and brightest futures for our children.

I believe every student needs to be supported and encouraged in order to achieve their potential. Our students need guidance to help them find their strengths. They need a wide variety of learning opportunities so they can determine and reach their goals. When they are struggling they need to be given appropriate assistance, and it should be readily available.

Every student needs to have the opportunity for challenge and choice.

Parents are becoming increasingly engaged in their children's education and their involvement has been shown to be a key factor in their children's academic success. Parents know their children's needs better than anyone else. I place great value on the contributions of parents who are actively involved in their children's education.

I am ready to represent the families of Ward 5 for another 4 years, and I would be honoured to have your support.

Amy Collard

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